Saturday, 2 October 2010

How to apply chatbox background for shoutmix & cbox

how to apply background for shoutmix

First copy the chat box background code you want to a note pad
For example like that and then high light the code in yellow and delete it . 

After you delete the code in the yellow box , add your own shoutmix code . 
For example , it should look like this ! 

Change the shoutmix size to match the background and then Save it :)

how to apply background for cbox
firstly copy your orginal cbox code to a notepad.
then find the link which is highlighted in yellow.
example of a cbox code is shown above.
the link you find in the code given should be 
replace the link with your own cbox link
then save ! :) 
if you can't make it send me a message.

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