Friday, 30 July 2010

Glitter falling out of cursor

OKAY! this is the code for it
if you want to change the colour of the glitter just change the var colour.

It's EASY =)
dashboard -> DESIGN -> Edit html
copy and paste after where it says  
ctrl+f would be faster ^^
The code for the glitter (ctrl+c) to copy 



Esther Angela said...

it can't work:(

krystal ♥ said...

try it now :D I changed the code so it should work :)

Esther Angela said...

thanks krystal!
love your tutorial
simple but very useful :D

Ɖσмσ ˩σʌɛя said...

gt other colour??

krystal ♥ said...

esther : ur welcome ^^ hees :D

Ɖσмσ ˩σʌɛя : Got :D you can go to this website find for the code of the colour u like :)

Gladys said...

it doesnt work!!!!

ameizza syazz-ana said...

thanx for sharing but i still can't access chat box coz i don't really know how to access it ... if u don't mind , can u help me ?? just tell it in post a comment in my blog .. thanx n vry much ! <3